Pastor Rick Updates

Update 5/5/20
Pastor Rick has been readmitted to the hospital and has a blood clot in his leg.  Kim has finally been able to see him. Please continue pray for Pastor Rick and for Kim and for his doctors and nurses.
Update 4/28/20
Pastor Rick has been released from the hospital and has been transferred back to a local rehab facility.  Please continue to be in prayer that he has no further set backs and will receive that therapy he needs.
Update 4/22/20
Pastor Rick remains in the hospital but is doing better and was able to walk 120 feet.
Update 4/15/20
Continue to pray for Pastor Rick as he is currently back in the Hospital with another infection. 
Update 4/10/20
Pastor Rick was able to be transferred last night to a local rehabilitation facility and his family will now have limited access to visit.  Continue to pray for him and his family.
Update 4/3/20
Continue to prayer for Pastor Rick and Kim for God’s guidance as to where he will transfer to this week after being discharged from his current rehab facility.  Visits are still restricted but Kim received a good progress report from his speech therapist.
Update 4/1/20
Pastor Rick will be reassessed today by the medical team at his rehab facility as he continues to progress.  Please continue to pray for him, his healing, and for his family as they can only visit through FaceTime.
Update 3/22/20
Pastor Rick is continuing to do well.  Due to our state’s current status with health facility protocols concerning the Covid-19 virus visitors are temporarily no longer allowed to visit the rehab facility.  Please continue to be in prayer for Pastor Rick as he continues to receive daily therapies and pray for Kim and his family as they are unable to be together in this trying time.
Update 3/18/20
Pastor Rick is progressing well.  He is receiving physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy daily.  Kim feels very good about where he is now and the care he is being given as they are both very efficient and thorough.  The doctor will be evaluating him today and reporting his findings to the insurance company .  Please continue to pray for Pastor rick and thank God for what He has already done.  Pray that the insurance company will approve the maximum time allowed at the rehab facility in view of his progress.